3 fretlessbass

Matthew Rogers is the owner and designer of Wallpusher. His 19 year passion has been to think beyond the boundaries of what is available in the marketplace and to make innovative beautiful alternatives. As a young man, he felt his musical abilities were limited by his equipment and, at the age of 15, the Wallpusher Bass was the first example of a tool he created to extend his musical and creative abilities beyond what the typical retail product has to offer.

This is his first bass that he created as a 15 year old.

Wallpusher Basses integrate many innovations that help players to free themselves and push themselves creatively, with comfort and style unrivalled by any bass on the market. Artist Matthew Rogers holds The Diploma of Fine Arts from the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston, and a B.A. in Philosophy from Gordon College. While Rogers has extensive experience creating solutions in a myriad of areas including musical instruments, home theatres, domestic products, ergonomic furnishings, custom furniture, bookbinding and gilding, he specializes in guitar design and fabrication. Matthew integrates his natural sensibilities as craftsman and an artist to the unique limitations of mass-production. The alternative can be found at Wallpusher.